St Michael and All Angels, Ashton-Under-Lyne

Bellringers Peal Records

Notable peals

Peal number Date Details
1 08/08/1782 Believed to be the first peal in the county
29 17/04/1843 10,259 Grandsire Caters - the longest peal in the method at the time
101 01/02/1890 The first 12 bell peal at St Michael's
128 29/05/1896 10,075 Grandsire Cinques - the longest peal ever rung in the method.
166 17/04/1911 12,240 Kent Treble Bob Maximus - the longest peal ever rung in the method.
185 20/01/1914 The first peal of Oxford Treble Bob Maximus in the North of England
189 13/04/1914 14,000 Kent Treble Bob Royal - the longest peal ever rung in the method.
213 05/08/1929 15,312 Cambridge Surpise Maximus - the longest 12 bell peal at the time.

Additionally, the following "firsts" were rung at St Michaels:-

Royal - Clyde S; Hayfield S; Hirst S; Poole L. S; Tameside Little Alliance.

Maximus - Ashton S; Assheton L. S; Brigstow S; High Fen S; Lambeth S; Londinium S.

The following were also record peals at the time they were rung:- 24 Spliced S. Maximus, 33 Spliced S. Maximus, 110 Spliced S. Maximus, 10 all the work Spliced Surprise Maximus.